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Past Life as a Nun
Carol Bowman relates the story of a little girl named Elspeth who, before she was even two years old, spontaneously recalled becoming a nun. "I'm going to take my vows," she suddenly told her mother while bathing, in one of the first full sentences she had ever uttered. "I'm not Elspeth now. I'm Rose, but I'm going to be Sister Teresa Gregory." This small child even described some of her convent duties, including milking the goats, making cheese and saying prayers. She even described her own death.

The Sewing Sailor
In another anecdote from Bowman's book, five-year-old Tommy Hibbert somehow knew how to sew a button back on his pants. "Tommy went and got a needle and thread," his mother recalled, "threaded the needle, and sewed that button on so expertly that I couldn't believe it. I had never taught him to sew and he had never even seen me do it. Amazed, I asked him, 'Where on earth did you learn to sew buttons on like this?' 'Well, we used to do it on my ship all of the time,' he answered. 'You were a sailor?' 'Oh, yes.' And then he told me about how his ship would creak in the night while he was lying in his bunk in what he described as an old sailing ship with tall masts and many ropes." Tommy grew up and joined the Navy.

Past Life Proof?

The Past Forward website says there is possible evidence for past lives in everyday life:
1. gender identification
2. deja vu experiences
3. children with adult
4. child prodigies and idiot
5. unlearned language
6. multiple birth defects
    and distinctive
7. love or hate at first sight
8. obsessions and
9. multiple personalities
    and schizophrenics
10. jinxes and hard-luck
11. infant addicts and
     Down's Syndrome
12. unearthing buried

Cannon Balls
At the Children's Past Lives Forum, a mother tells of the many "memories" of her three-year-old daughter who would say, "I want to go to my other home!" Even after asking her, she couldn't explain it - just that their house wasn't her home. She also unexpectedly told her father that "cannon balls go really far" and killed "me and my horse."

Foreign Language
Another post on the Forum tells this interesting story: "My son, who is 15, had a very interesting experience last evening. He, myself and my wife all fell asleep watching TV in our den. I work third shift and set an alarm to awake me. I told my son to make sure I was awake so I could get ready for work. Well, the alarm went off and seemingly only awoke me. I called out to my son several times. He is a very deep sleeper and when he awoke, it was a startling awakening. He sat up and started talking in a foreign tongue for several seconds. Nothing I recognized. He is in his third year of Spanish, but it was not Spanish. After I called out to him, it seemed as if though he 'snapped' out of it and awoke. His eyes were open the whole time and he does not remember his speaking."

A Great King
A poster to the Forum from St. Louis tells this story: "Upon waking from a night's slumber just days ago, the five-year-old son of one of my dearest friends shared with his mother that he was once 'King Hitop' in a past life. According to the five-year-old, he was 'very powerful' and that his royal background had been revealed to him in a dream. He even spelled the name: H-I-T-O-P. According to his mother, there had been no mention of ancient kings or queens in his preschool class and, as far as she could remember, he hadn't watched anything on TV or read any books on the subject."

The Great Ship Wreck
In his article, "Evidence of Reincarnation and the Creation of a New World" for Awareness magazine, Walter Semkiw relates the story of William Barnes who began to speak of past-life memories at age four: "At the age of four, I drew a ship with four smokestacks and told my parents, 'This was my ship, but she died.' I insisted my mother call me 'Tommie' and spoke of two brothers, a sister, aunts and uncles, none of whom my parents knew," Barnes wrote in his book, Thomas Andrews - A Voyage into History. "There were also relentless nightmares - a huge ship looming above me, piercing screams, heated arguments, the frigid water stabbing at my body, a peach-colored mass of steel falling on me - and, again and again, I would wake up crying... At age 25, I sought the help of a counselor who used hypnosis as a means of relaxation. During the session, I heard myself arguing about 'the ship’s design.' At the instant I came out of the trance, I sat up and said, 'my name is Tommie Andrews.'" Thomas Andrews was the designer of the ill-fated ocean liner Titanic.  

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