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The World's Weirdest Machines
Maybe they work and maybe they don't, but the machines created by these rogue inventors make some astonishing claims... and what some might consider paranormal effects.

The Hutchison Effect
John Hutchison
The Invention: No formal name for machine.
Claimed Effects: Levitation of heavy, non-magnetic objects.
Details: In 1979, John Hutchison of Vancouver, Canada, accidentally discovered a remarkable phenomenon while experimenting with longitudinal waves - waves that another inventor, Nikola Tesla, had experimented with. According to The Hutchison Effect - An Explanation, what has become known as the Hutchison Effect occurs as the result of very powerful radio wave interferences. Heavy objects - even non-magnetic, non-metal objects - levitate or fly into the air. Objects of metal, porcelain, wood and rubber are affected. Hard alloy metals become soft and pliable. Hutchison even performed his experiments for scientists from Los Alamos Laboratory. The effect has been videotaped many times and even broadcast on network television. A complete understanding of the phenomenon has yet to be found, but the implications of its potential seem mind-boggling.
More Information:

  • The Hutchison Effect - Levitations

The Energy Machine
Joseph Newman
The Invention: The Newman Motor/Generator.
Claimed Effects: Device has potential to produce virtually unlimited energy.


Details: Developed over 30 years, Newman's machine allegedly produces more energy than is input into it, something that the accepted laws of physics says is impossible. Newman says the principles of his invention could be applied to automobiles, appliances, farm equipment, ships and aircraft. If Newman's machine worked as he describes, what would it mean? An energy source that is abundant, inexpensive and environmentally safe - almost like magic. Despite his claims, however, Newman has yet to produce a device that has any practical application of the principles he claims to have discovered. He always seems to be looking for financing, and his current idea to do so is to auction off models of his motor/generator. Not surprisingly, Newman is not without his critics. At a site called Joe Newman's Free Energy Claims - are they valid?, Newman is called "dishonorable, incompetent or just plain nuts." According to this site, in a test performed by the National Bureau of Standards, Newman's machine only returned one-third to two-thirds the energy put into it.
More Information:

Orgone Energy Accumulator
Wilhelm Reich
The Invention: The Orgone Energy Accumulator
Claimed Effects: Collects orgone - a kind of free energy - to use as a power source.
Details: Taking off from an age-old belief in the "aether" - an invisible energy source that surrounds us - Dr. Wilhelm Reich called this energy source orgone. "In 1939," according to Orgone Energy: A Power Alternative, "Reich was working with 'bions' and accidentally discovered that some of the bions emitted an energy that did not obey the laws of any known form of energy." A bion, they say, is an energy vesicle, that is transitional in form between non-living and living matter. Reich then created a device consisting of alternating spaces of metallic and organic substances that he claimed could collect orgone energy. Those who have continued the research of Reich, who died in 1957, say that the energy accumulation is measurable, but they are still struggling with a way to turn this "free energy" into mechanical energy or motor force. The existence of orgone is, of course, disputed by conventional science. But if you'd like to experiment with it yourself, some of the sites listed below describe how to build your own orgone energy accumulator.

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