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How to See a Ghost

Hearing what might be a ghost's voice isn't good enough for you? You actually want to see one? The Internet just might make that possible. Many webcams have been set up in "haunted" locations around the world where ghosts have previously been seen. All you have to do is open the web page and watch.

On the Web
Here is a selection of currently live "ghostcams":

  • BBC Online has set up their Ghostcam at Llancaiach Fawr Manor in Wales. The picture updates every five minutes. You can also see a gallery of captured images that some viewers believe show evidence of "something."
  • Ordsall Hall Online offers live streaming video with their GhostCam. Ordsall Hall is reputed to be haunted by "The White Lady" who has been seen by many of the locals. She might have been Queen Elizabeth's favorite Maid of Honor.
  • Jane Houston at GhostWatcher has set up no fewer than 31 webcams around her home designed, she says, to help her "sleep better at night" because of the strange sounds she's heard surrounding her. You can even submit your comments if you see any "suspicious activity."
  • The Haunted Valley Webcam looks out over the skies of Longendale in Derbyshire, England, where the famed Longendale Lights have been seen, as well as UFOs and other strange phenomena. The camera sends live streaming video for 16 hours a day; it is shut off overnight. You can also view the last four images captured by the static image version.
  • GhostWatch at Irelandseye.com has their webcam focused on the room of a linen mill in Ireland where the ghost of Helena Blunden is said to roam. She died there in a tragic fall in 1912. There is even an eerie recording of Helena singing, captured on a wax cylinder shortly before her death.
  • The Lexington GhostCam aboard the USS Lexington aircraft carrier hopes to catch sight of its ghost - a sailor in his summer white uniform. This ghost, who walks with a limp, has been seen in the engine room and has even talked to tourists.
  • The Parking Lot Ghost was captured on tape, not by a webcam but by a security camera. Play this video and you just might see a shadowy ghost move across the back wall of the garage.
  • Ghosts and Legends of the Queen Mary has its webcam trained on the ship's pool, which many psychics say is the center of the liner's ghostly activity.
  • The Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana has a ghost, too; theirs is known as "The Gray Lady." Two webcams have been set up to try to catch her, one in the research room and one in the child room.

Do It Yourself
How can you see a ghost in your own home, even if you don't think it's haunted? There may be a way using a home video camera through a technique known as video feedback.

This page at Ghost-Hunter.com shows you how to set it up:

  • Place your video camera on a tripod and aim it at your TV set.
  • Connect the video camera to the TV so that what the video camera sees in shown live on the TV. In other words, you're taking video of what the camera is seeing on the TV.
  • Zoom in so that the TV screen fills the video frame.
  • Watch the show.
  • You'll want to tape it at the same time so you can replay the video frame by frame.

What will you see? The technique induces video feedback, which can produce a lot of strange images - and in some cases what appear to be human faces. Are they ghosts? Several examples of this weirdness can be seen further down on this page.

If you have any luck capturing interesting images on tape, send me stills or screen captures and I'll share them with readers. The same goes for any EVP voices you might be able to record. Let's see how well we can see and hear ghosts from the other side.

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