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Readers' Stories of the Paranormal
The paranormal surrounds us. Ominous premonitions, terrifying hauntings and, perhaps, contact with the dead. Here's the latest batch of letters from readers.  

Voices of Doom
I have had precognition since I was a child. It's random, and normally I don't realize I have seen the future until it happens. I [can] hear someone's voice (someone that I love), and depending on how many times they say my name, that is how long they have to either live or have something bad happen to them. This happened to me five times in the last two years. The first time it happened, I was walking into my home and I heard a very dear friend of mine call my name three times. Three months later, he was dead. About six months later, when another dear friend died, the same thing happened. A few months later, I heard my daughter's voice (talk about being terrified), but when she said my name, it had a different tone to it. She said my name two times. Two days later, she ran away from home. This has been continuing ever since. I am waiting to see what happens next because I heard my husband call my name one time about three months ago. He did not have the same tone of voice as the friends that died, but when this happens, depending on how many times they say my name, I have learned that the tone of voice counts. I also know that depending on how many times they say my name may mean one day, one week, one month, or one year. I will keep digging until I find some kind of an answer, because this is one gift I dread! - wanabe2

Living in a Haunted House
The house that I lived in growing up in Greenville, S.C. was definitely haunted. My earliest memories of the haunting surrounded my older sister. She must have been around seven or eight at the time. She became increasing afraid of going to sleep at night. She complained that she would see people at night. One night she woke everyone in the house saying that a man had come down the hallway, hit her, and then ran back down the hall. She finally took to sleeping with a scarf tied around her eyes. The visions ceased. It seemed odd to me that if these people were in her imagination, why did she stop seeing them when she was blindfolded?

One night she woke everyone in the house saying that a man had come down the hallway, hit her, and then ran back down the hall.

When I was a little older, my parents built an addition to the house which was to become my bedroom. I only slept there one night. The entire night I could hear footsteps walk from one end of the back of our house to the other. The constant pacing kept up for hours until I could no longer stand it. Other family members took turns staying in the room and all confirmed hearing the footsteps. There was always a feeling of being watched. One day my dog started barking uncontrollably at the corner of the dining room. There was absolutely nothing there. I would take the dog away and he would run back and start barking again. This went on for most of the day until I finally had to put the dog out. My mother came home one Saturday afternoon to find my dad searching the house. He was clearly agitated and told my mother that someone was in the house and that whoever it was had to be hiding somewhere. He finally calmed down. My dad never would talk to me about it. One evening my mother and sister were in the house alone. It was well after midnight when my sister was awakened by a loud pounding noise coming from the basement. The pounding continued at a steady pace, getting louder and louder. My sister ran and woke my mother up who also heard the noise. My mom opened the basement door to investigate, and the pounding immediately stopped. My dad inspected the basement, but found nothing. One night my mother saw a woman in her bedroom. My mom said that the clothing and hair style suggested the 1920s. The lady was crying and walked across the room and out the door. My mom followed, but the lady was gone when she got to the other room. This scenario repeated itself several times. My mom finally sold the house and moved. - G. Smith

Watching Over the Baby
My husband was murdered on the 23rd of August this year. A few unusual things have happened since then, but the one that remains clear is as follows. At 3 am approximately two weeks after Mark died, I was awakened by three loud knocks on our timber floor. With my heart racing, I jumped out of bed and went straight to our infant son's crib. There he was on his stomach with his pillow over his head and face in the mattress. If I had not been pulled out of my sleep, our boy would have suffocated to death. I then searched the house to see if anyone else was awake. I alone was up. I truly believe his daddy was watching over him. As Mark died violently and suddenly, I would sincerely love to communicate with him or have someone do so for me. If you are able to assist in this matter I would greatly appreciate it. -- D. Evans

Out of Step with Reality
We had recently moved into a two-story house which was built in the late 1800s. A number of unusual events took place from the beginning, but the most curious was the night of Christmas Eve. Our two daughters each had their own bedrooms upstairs, while my wife and I had the master bedroom directly beneath theirs. The stairway was next to our room. That evening I was reading in bed. Everyone else was asleep. I heard footsteps come halfway down the steps and stop.

I heard the steps come half way down, stop, and this time run back up.

I was waiting for who I had thought was one of the girls to come the rest of the way down. When this didn't happen, I went out to see, but no one was there. I went back to bed, and a minute later again I heard the steps come half way down, stop, and this time run back up. My dog, who was on the floor of the bedroom, woke up and looked out the door and backed in cowering. I went back out and checked the girls. They were still asleep in their beds. I searched around, but found nothing. Convincing myself that I was just hearing the house settle, I went back to bed. Once again, about a minute later, the steps came down the stairs, went back up, came down halfway again and stopped. This time I grabbed my baseball bat and went out. My dog, who ordinarily was too aggressive, stood at the foot of my bed growling, but would not come with me. I searched every room in the house - even outside - but could find no trace of anyone or anything. This particular event never reoccurred. Of course, the next week I put thick carpeting over the wood steps... just in case. - Timothy

Grandpa Says Goodbye
My grandfather passed away this summer, and the weirdest thing happen right after he died. My aunt was feeding her little one-year-old kid, who is my cousin. My little cousin started pointing out at the window and started calling, "grandpa." We were in one of the living rooms at the time it happen, and they were in the other living room. My aunt got so scared she took her kid and ran to the living room we were in. Now you tell me if that's possible. And what makes it that little kid get to see things like that? - viphuong  

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