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Encounters with Angels
Do angels exist? The authors of these stories would tell you with utmost certainty that they do, because they have had personal, often astonishing experiences with them.
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"My grandfather had many out-of-body experiences, watched angels guarding his bed during surgeries and many other occasions. The house I lived in as a child seemed to be some kind of gateway to the "other world." My mother had been rescued by angels and Christ himself on a certain occasion. I am sure that angels work overtime in my household, but I thank God for them constantly."

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Angels are everywhere at the Christmas season - on holiday cards, wrapping paper, gifts and store displays. Some people will tell you, however, that the presence of angels is much more tangible, unexplained and more more miraculous than most of us realize. Read their true stories of angelic encounters and decide for yourself.

From Angelic Encounters:

Perfect Fit
It was the day before I was to start my junior year of high school. It was a beautiful day outside, but I was too busy feeling sorry for myself to notice. We didn't have much money. Everything I earned I gave to my parents. Just once I wanted a new dress for the first day of school. I was pacing in my room feeling very depressed. Then I heard a voice say, "Why do you fret so? Remember the lilies of the fields. Are you not more important than they?" I answered, "Yes." Then I felt very peaceful and happy. A few minutes later, I heard a car drive up and a lady talking to my mother. After the car drove off, my mother called me downstairs. A lady had a bag of clothes. She told my mother she had bought them for her daughter, but her daughter didn't like them. She was going to throw the dresses away, but had an overpowering urge to bring them to our house. We never saw that lady again. In the bag were five dresses. They still had the price tags on them. I am very short; I have to hem everything. Those dresses were my size and the right color for my complexion. Most surprising, I didn't have to hem them. - Anonymous

Calming and Beautiful Presence
My life has been hard and painful, but because of my growing awareness of my spirit and God, it has transformed into a life of light and love. One encounter took place when I was 14. I was pretty much neglected by my single mom, who had problems of her own and could not give me the love and nurturing every child deserves. I was pretty much fending for myself and found myself wandering some dark streets around 11 p.m., alone and frightened. I had no idea where I was and was afraid of being raped (as I had been before) or hurt in some other way. My "friends" had abandoned me and left me to find my own way home (I was miles away with no money). I had my 10-speed bike with me, which I couldn't actually ride (I was intoxicated), and I was at a rare moment where I was feeling very vulnerable. (I was usually pretty self-sufficient and strong for a child and never asked help from anyone.) But I was very afraid. I had a strong feeling that if I didn't get some help soon, I would be in a very bad situation. I guess I prayed. Soon after this thought, I saw a brightly illuminated, smiling young man emerge from one of the darkened, sleeping houses on this lonely street. He said, "Hi, I'm Paul." Well, I found his presence calming and beautiful and I laughed. He said he wanted to help me, and this is all I remember. The next thing I knew, I woke up in my bed at home with no idea how I got home or how my bike got home with me. All I know is, I have a warm, glowing feeling every time I think about my angel, Paul. - Anonymous

Heavenly Escort
When I was a student nurse back in the early 1980s, I was responsible for taking care of a middle-aged lady who was dying of leukemia. She was a lonely soul as her daughters didn't much care for her, and her husband rarely visited (he already had a new woman in his life). One evening, after making my patient comfortable, I glanced out of the window and saw a figure in the gardens outside. As I tried to look closely, the figure seemed to fade out, becoming unfocused. I put it down to tiredness and dismissed the whole episode. As time progressed, and my patient declined toward her end, the figure appeared more and more regularly. I told some colleagues about it and they laughed, saying that I had an over-active imagination. Each day, I would look through the window and if the figure was there, and I would wave a greeting. One day, arriving on the ward, I went to my patient only to find the bed empty. My lady friend had died in the night and I worried that she was frightened and experienced it alone. Looking through the same window in days to follow, I never did see that figure again. I can take comfort that this being was probably my patient's guardian angel who waited to escort her away from this life to a place of peace and happiness. - M. Seddon

Alive for Now
My guardian angel showed himself in a real body. When I was in grade seven, the first boyfriend I had ever had died. It took me by surprise and sent me into a hole of depression that I could hardly ever be dragged out of. In the ninth grade, I was sexually assaulted by a guy I thought was a friend. That just further added to my sadness, and that night I tried to commit suicide. My best friend, who I have known since about grade two, came to the realization that I needed help. He told me that life would eventually get better, even if it was very bad at the time. He came to prove it to me later on. We became better friends than we ever had been. We are able now to read each other's thoughts. One time when I was talking to him, he promised me that he would always be by my side, forever. He said he would watch over me, dead or alive. That was when I asked him if he was my guardian angel. For a minute, there was a very strange look on his face, and finally he said, "Yes." He gave (and still gives) me advice on what to do, and always has a way of finding out what will happen next. This morning I found out he is dying of a fatal heart disorder. It is crushing me inside, but all I can hope for him is Heaven, where he came from, and where his sacred spirit belongs. - Anonymous

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