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Guide Picks - Top Books on Dowsing
The art of dowsing had been around since before recorded history. The earliest reference to dowsing is found on an 8,000-year-old cave painting, and it is still widely practiced today. Why has dowsing endured? The simple answer is that it works! We don't know how exactly, but it has been proven to work time after time. The following books, most geared toward beginners, will help you understand and begin to practice successful dowsing.
1) Complete Book of Dowsing : The Definitive Guide to Finding Underground Water
Forget about time-consuming and expensive experimental drilling. You want water? Employing the age-old techniques of dowsing can help you locate the underground water you may need. This comprehensive book is for both beginners and experienced dowsers alike, providing each with the information they need for dowsing success.

2) Diviner's Handbook : A Guide to the Timeless Art of Dowsing
This book by Tom Graves is written for anyone interested in the art of dowsing, with particular information for all you beginners out there. The book provides easy-to-understand advice that will help you move past the theory of dowsing to the practical application of dowsing. Time-tested techniques and exercises for success are provided in this interesting volume.

3) Dowsing for Beginners
Dowsing has been used since earliest times to find water, to heal the sick, to find lost objects, and to clarify the mind. Author Richard Craxe explains the tools and techniques.
4) Dowsing for Health : Tuning in to the Earth's Energy for Personal Development & Well-Being
This book by Dr. Patrick MacManaway looks at dowsing from a very different perspective. As one of the founders of the Westbank Healing and Teaching Center in Scotland, MacManaway explores the many ways dowsing can be used in various holistic healing therapies. 
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