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Are Pets Psychic or Just Super-Sensitive?
Remarkable stories of animal telepathy, sense of direction and premonition. Are they examples of animals' keen senses, or are they evidence of an unexplained psychic ability?

ESP: How to Develop Your
If you think you have ESP and want to develop it, there are several resources on the Web that can help you test and strengthen your psychic skills. Included are some links to some of the latest scientific findings about extrasensory perception.

A Glimpse of Heaven
If it's difficult for you to talk about a paranormal experience you've had, you're not alone. But fear not. As author Carla Wills-Brandon explains in "A Glimpse of Heaven," these can be spiritually transformative experiences.

Interactive: Test Your Psychic Ability
Use your powers of ESP to divine the hidden images! 12 images are hidden on these pages. From the choices provided, see if you can "see" what they are before revealing them. Then check your score for statistical significance.

The Miracle of David
The relationship between Nancy C. and her son, David was marked by a remarkable psychic connection that bound them throughout the tragic challenges of David's young life... and beyond. This is their true story.

Paranormal Meets Physics
Scientists at Princeton University and other respected institutions are beginning to prove that ESP and telekinesis are real, measurable phenomena.

Prove Your Powers of ESP
Readers liked last month's ESP test so much that we're providing 12 more chances to prove your psychic ability. "Guess" what the hidden images are and then record your score. Did you improve over last time?

Psychic Pet Stories
Pets seem to have the amazing ability to sense what we cannot, and, in ways that we don't understand, to communicate with us... perhaps even after death. Here are some true stories.

Telepathy with Animals
Animal communicators - specialized type of psychics - believe that meaningful telepathic communication is possible with your pet. They say even you can do it.

Test Your ESP
Do you think you have ESP - extrasensory perception? Here's an all-new test - another chance to prove your powers of psychic clairvoyance.

Test Your Psychic Powers
Here are three online tests that allow you to measure and perhaps strengthen your telepathic powers. See how well I scored, then try the tests for yourself.

Test Your Sixth Sense
Do you have ESP? Here's your chance to test your psychic powers. 12 images are hidden on these pages. From the choices provided, try to "see" what they are before revealing them. Then check your score for statistical significance.

What To Do with Your Premonitions
Have you had visions of future events, great or small, but you didn't know how to report them or who to tell? Here are some answers.

What You Need To Know About... Developing Your Psychic Abilities
Yes, you can learn to strengthen your powers of ESP. Here is some practical advice and easy-to-learn exercises that can help you tune in to consciousness shared by all living things.

What You Need to Know About... Psychometry
The incredible psychic ability to sense an object's past, present and future - through touch. Here's what it is, how it works, some amazing examples and how YOU can do it!

Zener ESP Test
Here's a cool way to discover your powers of ESP - with a classic method that has been used to test some of the greatest psychics of the past century.

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