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Chupacabra - True Stories, Encounters and Theories About the ...
All about the mysterious, voracious Chupacabra - or the goat sucker.
Chupacabras: The Blood-Sucking Creature From Hell
Is there a connection among chupacabras and the various small, vicious, flying monsters that have terrorized unsuspecting people around the globe for decades  ...
Chupacabras - On the Trail of the Chupacabras Creature
It attacks in the night, sucking the blood from its helpless victims. Let's follow the bloody trail of the elusive "goat sucker" -- chupacabras -- over the years.
Chupacabras Sightings - True Stories of Chupacabras Sightings
Meaning "goat sucker", chupacabras is the name given to a mysterious creature that walks or hops on two legs, has short forelegs, sometime red eyes, a quill ...
Encounters with Chupacabras - Page One
The strange creature known as el chupacabras (the goat sucker), however, seems to be a relatively recent arrival. This vicious little thing entered the lexicon of ...
Chupacabra Rampage in Chile
El Chupacabra has been crawling all over Chile in the last few months, raising many new questions about this mysterious creature, and resulting in astonishing  ...
Chupcabras - What do you think of chupacabras sightings?
Readers are asked their opinion of sightings of chupacabras.
Chupacabras in Illinois - Your True Tales - July 2013
Jul 4, 2013 ... I can talk about a chupacabras I saw in Oak Lawn, Illinois back in August, 1987. I was a small kid back then. I didn't know it was a chupacabras ...
Chupacabras corpse - Paranormal Phenomena on About.com
Chupacabras corpse. ... These photos are thought by some to be of a decaying carcass of a Chupacabras, which was allegedly struck by a car somewhere in ...
Giant Chupacabras Snail2 - Paranormal Phenomena on About.com
This large deep sea snail's body resembles the feet of the Chupacabra, hence it has this name. It was discovered early this year 2007. Comprehensive science ...
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