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More Amazing Coincidences - True Stories - Paranormal Phenomena
True stories of amazing coincidences, remarkable synchronicities, and puzzling glitches in the fabric of reality.
True Stories of Amazing Coincidences - Paranormal Phenomena
The world is filled with astonishing occurrences of coincidence and synchronicity that defy explanation. Are these incredible true stories of mere chance... or the ...
Amazing Coincidences: Readers' Most Amazing Coincidences
Readers tell their true stories of remarkable coincidences that baffle, astonish, and delight.
Coincidences - Tell Your Story of a Remarkable Coincidence
Coincidences are startling when they happen to us because they are so unexpected and give us the feeling of something that is "meant to be." Have you ( or ...
Belief & Coincidence: People Don't Understand Statistics So Have ...
According to people's reports, their experience could not have occurred by accident or by coincidence. Therefore, lacking any clear scientific explanation, they ...
Coincidences - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
What I saw. I met someone that I had never met before in my life and yet when I saw him I knew him immediately. I told another group member what I had felt and  ...
The Lincoln / Kennedy Coincidences - Urban Legends
Circulating virally, a list of carefully selected facts (and non-facts) purporting to demonstrate 'eerie' similarities between the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in  ...
Use A Coincidence Journal To Increase Your Experience Of Luck
Jun 1, 2014 ... We all experience lucky coincidences that point us to opportunities, resources and answers to our problems. However, we're often too stressed ...
Another of Those Curious Coincidences
Another of Those Curious Coincidences. ON February 15, the House of Representatives passed a bill making it unlawful to ship in interstate commerce the ...
Synchronicity - No Coincidences Here - About Holistic Healing
Paying attention to those day-to-day occurances that simply can't be brushed off as coincidences.
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