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Coral Castle, Florida's Haunted Landmark - Paranormal Phenomena
Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida, is one of the most amazing structures ever built. In terms of accomplishment, it's been compared to Stonehenge, ancient ...
The Ancient Secrets of Levitation
Coral Castle. TIBETAN SECRETS OF LEVITATION. In his book The Bridge to Infinity, Bruce Cathie recounts an amazing story that he says originated in a ...
Earth Mysteries Articles - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
Secrets of Coral Castle Did a Latvian immigrant rediscover the secrets to the building of the pyramids... of levitation... of anti-gravity? His amazing "castle" may  ...
Coral Castle, Miami Visitor's Guide - About.com
Coral Castle is an engineering marvel consisting of over 1,100 tons of carved coral rock located in Homestead, Florida. If you're travelling from Miami down to ...
Coral Castle in Miami - Coral Castle in Homestead - Miami Travel
On the National Register of Historic Places, Coral Castle is a bizarre and mysterious attraction. Edward Leedskalnin took 28 years to build the monument, which ...
Budget Tips for a Trip to Miami and South Florida - Budget Travel
Offbeat attraction: The Coral Castle This place is not really worth a special trip, but if you're in the Homestead area, check it out. Giant coral rocks were carved ...
Coral Gables Hotels - Hotels in Coral Gables, Florida - Miami
Looking for a hotel in Coral Gables? ... in Coral Gables · Performing Arts Venues in Miami · Lowe Art Museum Visitor's Guide · Coral Castle, Miami Visitor's Guide ...
Miami Attractions for Kids A-Z - Miami Travel - About.com
John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park · Just about an hour's drive from Miami is a gorgeous underwater wonderland that you shouldn't miss. Share. - NPS ...
South Miami - Pinecrest - Kendall - Homestead - Miami Travel
Coral Castle · Coral Castle · This bizarre monument consists of coral sculptures built by a man out of an obsessed, unrequited love. Share. - Wolfe's Wine ...
Top Ten Things To Do in Miami, Florida - About.com
Coral Castle is truly a monument to the uniqueness of Miami! This attractions was built by a Latvian-born Miami resident named Ed Leedskalnin as a monument ...
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