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Ghost Attacks - True Stories - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
True stories of people being attacked by ghosts. ... Most experiences with ghosts are hauntings are completely harmless. On rare occasions, however, people ...
True Accounts of When Ghosts Attack - Paranormal Phenomena
Real-life stories of when ghosts attack by slapping, pushing, strangling, scratching and even beating their victims.
Ghost Attacks - Can Ghosts Attack? - Paranormal Phenomena
"Have you ever heard of a ghost punching somebody?" asks a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. "That may have happened to me last night. I don't drink ...
Sleep Paralysis or Ghost Attack? - Your True Tales - September 2012
Have you ever heard of "sleep paralysis"? Imagine being fully awake only to find yourself tied down with your eyes sealed shut while feeling a very evil presence ...
More true stories of ghost attacks
Poked, pushed, pinched, scratched, slapped, and bit. Physical assaults are what people fear most about the ghost phenomenon. Fortunately, such attacks are ...
Theatre Ghost Activity Video, Ghost Attacks News Team, Demon ...
Paranormal news for July 29, 2014: Ghost activity caught on camera at theatre... Pennsylvania News team attacked by ghost... Cop fired for belief in ghosts.
Sleep Paralysis Incubus and Succubus Attacks
Are some people more susceptible to incubus and succubus attacks? By Stephen ... Your True Paranormal and Ghost Stories for November 2014 · True Ghost ...
Incubus - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
For centuries, women and men have reported sexual attacks by unseen entities as they lie in their beds. Are they victims of demonic, psychological, or medical ...
Unexplained Attack - Your True Tales - February 2013
Unexplained Attack - Your True Tales - February 2013. ... Unexplained Phantom Attack .... Your True Paranormal and Ghost Stories for November 2014.
Your True paranormal and ghost stories for 2012
A collection of true stories of ghosts and the paranormal for 2012. ... 2012 True Ghost and Paranormal Stories. By Stephen ... Sleep Paralysis or Ghost Attack?
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