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The World's Most Haunted Places
Some of the most haunted buildings, ships, houses and institutions in the world.
Haunted Places - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
Haunted places around the world, some famous, not not so well-known - but all fascinating.
Haunted Places - True Stories of Haunted Places
True stories from readers of haunted places all over the world.
California Ghost Tours and Haunted Places - California Travel
Dec 18, 2014 ... A guide to California's ghost tours and haunted places and information for visiting them.
4 Books of Scary Stories and Haunted Places
A review of four new books that offer scary stories, tours of haunted places, and musings on the nature of ghosts and hauntings.
Moss Beach Distillery - World's Most Haunted Places
Brief history: During Prohibition in the 1920s, the Moss Beach Distillery in Moss Beach, California became one of the most popular speakeasies on the West ...
Encyclopedia of Haunted Places
A review of Encyclopedia of Haunted Places, compiled and edited by Jeff Belanger.
Ghost Tours of Haunted Places in the Southeast - Southeastern U.S. ...
Explore the ghosts of night in the Southeast with a popular haunted tour or ghost tour in one of many popular destinations.
The Haunted White House - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
The World's Most Haunted Places. By Stephen Wagner · Paranormal Phenomena Expert. Share this. Image 8 of 19. The White House. Washington, D.C..
Highgate Cemetery - One of the World's Most Haunted Places
Highgate Cemetery in North London is one of the world's most haunted places.
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