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Tiny Humanoids - Your True Tales of Tiny Humanoids
Two or three of these little humanoids walked up to me and started hitting my toes with the hammers. I felt the hits that were like painless, light tapping throbs.
Unsolved: Flying Humanoids - Page One - Paranormal Phenomena
Aug 25, 2003 ... Mysterious and astonishing accounts of "people" who fly, with wings or without.
Hospital Ghost Picture, Giant Siberian Hole, Humanoids in Argentina
Humanoids in Argentina... Nostradamus and Chinese prophets... Universal relaunching monster movie franchises... Professor: Space aliens walk among us.
The Latest Paranormal News and Views for June 18, 2014 ...
Jun 18, 2014 ... WEIRD CREATURES: Former Coast Guard sailor reveals encounter with ' humanoid creature' A former U.S. Coast Guard sailor recalls an ...
Flying Humanoid in Poland - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
There have been several reports and even video film taken of flying humanoids in the country of Mexico, and also in Arizona in the United States. Are these ...
Jeepers Creepers, What a Flying Humanoid! - Your True Tales ...
... lady across the street from where he lived practiced witch craft. Has anyone out there ever seen or heard of any flying humanoids such as what my uncle saw?
Encountering the Shadow People
This article said that these Drac humanoids, identified by such numerous names as dragons, snakes, serpents, Quetzacoatl and Tezcatilpoca, were from the ...
Ghost on the Path - Your True Tales - October 2008 - Page 10
... Reader Comments on October 2013 Your True Tales> · Poltergeists - All About Poltergeist Activity · Tiny Humanoids - Your True Tales of Tiny Humanoids.
Automatonophobia - Fear of Humanoid Figures - Phobias - About.com
Jan 26, 2012 ... Although full blown automatonophobia, or fear of humanoid figures, is rare, a certain level of nervousness is common. Read on for more on this ...
Mountain Monster - Your True Tales - July 2007 - Page 27
Quiahuiztlan (Mexico) · American Flag Flip Flops · Tiny Humanoids - Your True Tales of Tiny Humanoids · True Stories of Angels, Prayers and Miracles · Book ...
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