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Contest: Paranormal Photo Hoax
Hoaxes are common, and the good ones can significantly muddy the waters of serious paranormal investigation - sometimes for decades. But it's important to ...
Paranormal Photo Hoax Contest Slide Show - Ghost on the Stairs
Paranormal photo hoax contest - Ghost on the Stairs.
Contest: 4th Annual Paranormal Photo Hoax
Apr 16, 2007 ... It's time for our annual Paranormal Photo Hoax contest. This contest gives readers the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of the ...
Famous Ghost Hoaxes Video
Some ghost stories are believed to be true until they are officially debunked. Watch this About.com video to learn how famous ghost hoaxes were finally ...
2013 Paranormal Photo Hoax Contest - Paranormal Phenomena
Apr 21, 2008 ... Not for the purposes of fooling anyone, just for the purposes of our paranormal photo hoax contest. This year marks our 10th annual event!
2012 Photo Hoax Contest Slideshow - Paranormal Phenomena
This slideshow presents 2012's entries for our contest to see who can create the best phony pictures of ghosts, monsters and the paranormal.
Paranormal Photo Hoax Contest Slide Show - Attic Ghost
Paranormal photo hoax contest - Attic Ghost: white film hoax paranormal slide show ghost photo.
Top Paranormal Events of 2001
One of the biggest paranormal hoaxes of 2001 started at a practical joke when Simon Garth claimed he has shot a Bigfoot and was storing it in his freezer.
Dead Fairy Photos: A Well-Crafted Hoax - Paranormal Phenomena
Mar 31, 2007 ... What is unusual about the photos compared to the usual paranormal images, either of live or of dead cryptids (unknown animals) is that there ...
Strange Levitation - 2012 Paranormal Photo Hoax Contest
2012 Photo Hoax Slide Show. Strange Levitation - Gunther Cox. Strange Levitation. Gunther Cox. I took this picture a few years ago. The story goes like this: It ...
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