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Top Paranormal Events of 2001
One of the biggest paranormal hoaxes of 2001 started at a practical joke when Simon Garth claimed he has shot a Bigfoot and was storing it in his freezer.
2012 Reports of Paranormal Activity - Paranormal Phenomena
Paranormal activity, news and views from around the world for 2012. ... apartment - Weird hum bothering Seattle residents - Top 10 paranormal hoaxes - New ...
Woolly mammoth videotaped?! - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
These days we have to be careful about jumping to conclusions, however, since very convincing hoaxes can be created with cgi software (think Jurassic Park).
Famous Ghost Hoaxes Video
Watch this About.com video to learn how famous ghost hoaxes were finally revealed. ... Experts conclude the Amityville Ghost is likely a member of a paranormal ...
Paranormal Phenomena - About.com Videos
Paranormal Phenomena. Search. Paranormal Phenomena · Ghosts · Psychic ... Latest Paranormal Phenomena ... Famous Ghost Hoaxes · Profile of the Brown ...
What You Need to Know About... The Loch Ness Monster - Page Two
Paranormal Phenomena Expert. Share this. Paranormal Phenomena Categories ... As with any phenomenon of this type, there have been numerous hoaxes ...
Readers Respond: What do you think of paranormal reality TV shows?
The paranormal-themed reality TV shows have been around for several years now: Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State, Ghost Adventures, etc. What do you think  ...
"Unsuitable" Bigfoot Conclusions - Paranormal Phenomena - About ...
When a hoax is revealed or suspected for a paranormal event (and there are plenty of hoaxes), it has to be considered in the context of all the evidence. When it ...
Paranormal news for December 27, 2014: Giant Skeletons, Haunted ...
Top paranormal hoaxes... Haunted forest... Goatman... Reincarnation of Hitler... Mysterious explosions and flashes... Paranormal Santa sightings... 2015 disaster  ...
Restaurant Poltergeist Video - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
After numerous accounts of paranormal activity in a restaurant, the manager catches unexplained movement in the kitchen on video.
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