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What you need to know about Shadow People - Paranormal ...
Did you see that dark, fleeting shape out of the corner of your eye? Perhaps you caught a glimpse of a strange entity that is being seen with greater regularity ...
What Are Shadow People? - Paranormal Phenomena
From my research, I've found shadow people fit into many different paranormal categories, ghosts / hauntings being only one. However, many shadow people ...
Encountering the Shadow People - Paranormal Phenomena - About ...
Readers report their own unnerving experiences with the mysterious shadow people phenomenon, and also offer some additional theories to explain them.
Encounters With Black-Eyed People Stories - Paranormal Phenomena
Stories of encounters with the strange and possible evil black-eyed people.
The Elusive Little People - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
OF ALL PARANORMAL PHENOMENA, the existence of "little people" – whether they be fairies, elves, or leprechauns – is among beliefs that receive little ...
The Risks and Dangers of Paranormal Investigation
Many paranormal investigators believe there are real dangers of a spiritual nature that ghost hunting groups should be aware of. The following editorial from The ...
Shadow People Encounters - True Stories - Paranormal Phenomena
Readers share their stories of sightings and encounters with shadow people.
Encounters with Little People - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
MANY CULTURES AROUND the world have their legends and folklore about " little people" - elves, fairies, gnomes, elementals, or simply the "wee folk".
How Do I Get Rid of a Shadow Person? - Paranormal Phenomena
Most researchers suspect that shadow people, if they are really there, are a ... And for those suggestions I turn to renowned ghost hunter and paranormal ...
Pregnancy made me paranormal sensitive - Share Your Story: Tell ...
Share Your Story: Tell us about your shadow people encounters ... For fact, if someone is interested in the paranormal, it gets around in other dimensions.
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