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Selection of Paranormal Photo Galleries - Paranormal Phenomena
A collection of paranormal pictures, including ghosts, monsters, and other strange phenomena.
The Best Ghost Pictures Ever Taken - Paranormal Phenomena
Here are some incredible real ghost pictures and the equally remarkable stories behind them.
Paranormal Picture Gallery
Reader-submitted photos of ghosts, creatures, the strange, unusual and unexplained.
Ghost Pictures - Galleries and Articles About Pictures of Ghosts
If seeing is believing, then these photos will convince you of the existence of ghosts. Here are some incredible ghost pictures and the equally remarkable stories ...
Photos That AREN'T Paranormal
Good, convincing paranormal photos that might show ghosts or other strange phenomena are very rare. Here are some common photo glitches that are often ...
Railroad Crossing Ghost picture
Railroad Crossing Ghost. Best Ghost Photos Ever Taken. Railroad Crossing Ghost - ~ Andy and Debi Chesney. Railroad Crossing Ghost.
Ghost Pictures: Top Ghost and Paranormal Pictures of 2013
Every year brings pictures of the paranormal, the strange, and the unexplained. Here are the top ghost, creature, and other paranormal pictures of 2013.
The Watcher Ghost Picture - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
This photo was taken at Corroboree Rock at Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia in 1959. What does not seem to be a trick of light and shadow is a human ...
Electric Chair Ghost picture - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
After an engineer photographs an electric chair he is going to modify, he notices several ghost-like apparitions in the picture.
Picture of Grandpa's Ghost - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
This photo was received from Denise Russell. "The lady in the color photo is my granny," she says. "She lived on her own until age 94, when her mind started to ...
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