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Predictions of Shifts in the Earth's Poles - Paranormal Phenomena
Several famous psychics and prophets have predicted a cataclysmic pole shift in the near future.
Earth Changes - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
Articles about dramatic Earth changes, including pole shifts theories, maps and predictions.
4 Scariest Predictions for Our Planet - Paranormal Phenomena
Feb 13, 2006 ... In a pole shift, Antarctica, for example, could be on the new equator and the Amazon frozen on the new South Pole. Prophets Edgar Cayce and ...
Is Nibiru Approaching? - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
Floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, a pole shift and other natural disasters will be so severe, Hazelwood says, that "only a few hundred million people will ...
Today's Extreme Weather: Beginning of the End?
Futurist Gordon-Michael Scallion echoes Edgar Cayce in his predictions of a shift of the Earth's magnetic poles in the very near future - an event that would ...
Magnetic North Pole in the Canadian Arctic - Geography - About.com
Each year, the magnetic North Pole and the magnetic field shift, requiring those using magnetic compasses for navigation to be keenly aware of the difference ...
May 5 Alignment: Doom, Dream or Dullsville?
May 5, 2000 ... Pole Shift. A shifting of the Earth's poles is another favorite catastrophe of the doomsayers, and there's no more likely time for one, they say, ...
Prophecies for 2000 - Page One
Rapture and Pole Shift. Prophet Ola Ilori [link no longer works] says that the Jewish Jubilee Year – part of the Lord's timeframe for dealing with mankind – began ...
Earth Mysteries Articles - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
Pole Shift! Several famous psychics and prophets have predicted a cataclysmic pole shift in the near future - as soon as July 1999! Secrets of Coral Castle
Doomsday in 2012? - Space and Astronomy - About.com
Earth's Polar Shift: Just as the Sun undergoes regular magnetic pole shifts, so does the Earth, but on a longer time scale. The Earth's magnetic cycle is roughly  ...
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