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2014 Predictions - What Are Your Predictions for 2014?
You may submit predictions for any or all of these categories, but please keep it to just one or two predictions for each category. And keep in mind that these are ...
Leading Psychics' Predictions for 2014 - Paranormal Phenomena
Leading psychics and forecasters give their predictions for 2014.
2014 Predictions: Your Predictions for 2014 - Paranormal Phenomena
Readers provide their predictions for 2014: the good, the bad, and the crazy.
Psychic Predictions - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
Leading psychics, seers, and mentalists give their predictions for given years.
Predictions for 2014 from Top Psychics - Paranormal Phenomena
Jan 5, 2014 ... Leading psychics and forecasters give their predictions for 2014.
Leading psychics give their predictions for 2013
There are people who predict the future for such things for a living. Here is a roundup of what some of the top psychics, seers, and mentalists say is in store for us ...
Did Nostradamus Predict World War III? - Paranormal Phenomena
Nostradamus isn't known for his cheery prophecies. Many interpreters of the 16th century physician, astrologer, and prophet say he accurately predicted two ...
Basic Magic Effects: Prediction - Magic & Illusion - About.com
A prediction is a magic effect where a magician correctly predicts a future occurrence. Predictions are often associated with a field of magic known as mentalism.
Your Predictions for 2013 - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
HOW ACCURATE IS your psychic ability, your foresight these days? I guess we'll find out because we've asked readers to provide their predictions for what will ...
Predictions - Magic & Illusion - About.com
Here's an easy prediction with a clock. You can use any clock face or analog watch or simply use the image that we provide. Your spectator freely names a ...
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