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How to Conduct a Seance - What You Need - Paranormal Phenomena
A simple how to on conducting a seance, from your About.com guide.
Terrifying Sťances - Paranormal Phenomena on About.com
Oct 5, 2008 ... Contacting the spirit world can be a surprising, hazardous, and often frightening experience, as evidenced by these sťances.
The Remarkable Houdini Sťance
Every Halloween since 1927, a sťance has been held to see if legendary magician Harry Houdini would try to contact the living from the world beyond death.
Hold a Seance - Communicate with the Spirit World
Many Pagans communicate with the spirit world by way of holding seances. Before you have a seance of your own, there are a few things to keep in mind.
Mary Todd Lincoln Saw Ghosts In the White House and Held a Seance
Abraham Lincoln's wife was obsessed with spiritualism and held a seance in the White House in an effort to contact the spirit of their dead son.
Channeling Spirit Entities During a Seance - About Holistic Healing
Seances are gatherings of people for the purpose of spiritual communication.
Sťance to Contact Dad's Spirit - Your True Tales - August 2013
Rebecca and I decided last week (after a lot of discussion and uncertainty) to hold a sťance of a kind. Recently, the activity in my house has began picking up ( it ...
Reader's Stories of the Paranormal
Readers' true tales of ghostly visitations, weird clairvoyant dreams, frightening entities and sťances gone wrong. Ask anyone if he or she has seen a ghost or ...
Can the Dead Talk to Us? - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
These sťances were rife with fraud and gimmickry, although a few, such as Leonora Piper, were closely investigated by psychic research organizations and  ...
Spirit Visitation Stories - Do You See Dead People or Talk to Spirits
Stories about seances, Ouija boards, and spirit communications.
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