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Strange Encounters - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
Wide open spaces, and a little bit of farming. I've had two really strange encounters while living there, both of which I really haven't been able to explain to this ...
Strange Encounters - Your True Tales - May 2008 - Page 10
Your True Tales May 2008 - Page 10. Strange Encounters by Patricia. I have had many paranormal experiences of various types throughout my life, with some ...
Weird Creatures and Monsters - True Stories, Encounters, and ...
What you need to know about all kinds of monsters and weird creatures, including pictures and true stories and encounters.
Camping Encounters - True Stories of Strange Encounters While ...
Camping can be fun, but it's also an opportunity for weird and frightening experiences. Here are true stories of strange encounters people have had while  ...
Camping Encounters with Monsters and Ghosts
Consider, for example, these true camping encounters. ... As they sat around the fire, they couldn't help trying to sort out their experience with the strange girl.
Cryptids, Monsters and Weird Creatures - Encounters with Cryptids ...
Readers report their sightings and encounters with cryptids, monsters and other weird creatures.
Very Close Encounter of 1968 - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
Your True Tales March 2005 – Story of the Month. Very Close Encounter of 1968 by Steve. This is an account of a very close encounter that took place in the ...
Your True Tales - Demon Encounters - Paranormal Phenomena
Your True Tales, Demon Encounters - Paranormal stories from readers. ... Your True Tales Demon Encounters. Battle with a ... demons · strange encounters.
Encounters With Black-Eyed People Stories - Paranormal Phenomena
Stories of encounters with the strange and possible evil black-eyed people.
Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Skunk Ape - True Stories, Encounters ...
If you think Bigfoot has only been seen from afar, think again. There have been many close encounters with Sasquatch. Here are some astonishing tales of ...
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