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Slips and Blips in Time and Reality - Paranormal Phenomena
Jan 23, 2006 ... What is time? We can measure it, slice it up into millennia or nanoseconds, we can sense our experience through it, and we can even abstractly ...
True Stories of Time and Dimension Travel - Paranormal Phenomena
Links to true stories of experiences with anomalies of time and space, including time ... A student in Nova Scotia, Canada experiences a time slip aboard a bus.
Time and Dimension Travel - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
What you need to know about time travel and other dimensions, including true stories of time slips, theories, inventions and related fringe science.
Weird Time Slip at Stockton - Your True Tales - January 2013
It was sometime in August, 1996. My wife, children and I were coming back from Los Angeles, heading to Sacramento, California. I remember distinctively as we ...
London Time Slip - Your True Tales - May 2009
I saw your webpage about the paranormal and read the time travel stories in which I am vastly interested. Although I can't say I have experienced this, maybe I  ...
Time Slip at Bryn Bras - Your True Tales - August 2012
Back in August 2007 you published a true story of mine, "Time Slip on Holiday" about how in the summer of 2003 my husband and I experienced what appeared  ...
Paranormal Story Archive - May 2002 - Page 10 - Time Slips
Paranormal Story Archives May 2002 – Page 10. Time Slips by Derek E. I read the "Time Travelers" article and remembered the following: My dad was a taxi ...
Young Doppelganger or Time Slip - Your True Tales
Back in 2000, my youngest daughter and I were moving from Oregon to New York. My daughter was seven years old at the time and I bought a little Cape Cod  ...
Time Slip in the Pyrenees - Your True Tales - February 2012
In June, 2009, I went to visit my father in France. He would often spend several months a year there, and this year I went to visit him. We were based out out of ...
Time Slip or Future Vision - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
I live near London in England. I have always been interested in time slips and believe that the following account is one. I was about to wake up one morning but  ...
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