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True Ghost Stories - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
People all over the globe report ghost and haunting activity. .... A mother tells the true story of a mysterious force that tore through her house, pushed her children ...
True Paranormal and Ghost Stories of 2014 - Paranormal Phenomena
Your True Paranormal and Ghost Stories for 2014. ... Have a paranormal story of your own you'd like to share with other readers? Here's how to submit your ...
Book Review - Grave's End: A True Ghost Story
Ghostly whisperings, suffocating attacks in the night and a tragic secret in a hidden basement room create a vortex of paranormal horror in this case of a real  ...
Guide Picks - Top 4 Collections of True Ghost Stories
To my mind, there's nothing like a good ghost story - as long as it's true. Yeah, Stephen King is okay, but fiction is not as compelling or, ultimately, as scary as the ...
The House of Restless Nights - True Ghost Story of The House of ...
A true story of nightmares, ghosts and unsettling disturbances in a haunted house ... It's not unusual that when a ghost is detected in a house, the presence of ...
Victoria Plaza Hotel: A True Ghost Story - Paranormal Phenomena
A caretaker investigates the old secrets of a 100-year-old hotel, and finds that its ghost are not very welcoming.
The Phantom Highwayman - A True Ghost Story
A police officer and his partner are witness to the ghostly apparition of a horse- drawn coach near the spooky moors of England.
The Malevolent Ghost - A true ghost story - Paranormal Phenomena
A family tolerates a house full of spirits - until one of them turns violent and even threatens the children.
The Phantom of the Truck Stop - A True Ghost Story
A long-haul trucker making a routine, late night break at an Arkansas truck stop is jolted awake by the menacing entity taking the form of a young girl.
The True Ghost Story of the Bell Witch - Paranormal Phenomena
Apr 17, 2006 ... For several years her ghost pinched, slapped, scolded and otherwise tormented a Tennessee family in America's best-known poltergeist case.
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