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Vampires - All About Real Vampires - Paranormal Phenomena
An exploration of the real world of vampirism, in myth and reality, including lifestyle, sanguine and psychic vampires.
Are Vampires Real? - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
Largely due to the influence of vampires in the media, there is now a subculture of vampirism, the members of which seek to mimic the lifestyle of their fictional ...
Real Vampires - User Answers About Real Vampires
With the popularity of the Anne Rice novels, Dracula movies, TV shows like True Blood and the Twilight series, vampires are more pervasive than ever. What do ...
3 "Real" Vampires - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
Of course, what attracts them to the idea are the romantic, fictional plot lines of today's popular vampires in the media. They're allured by the power, longevity, ...
Are Vampires in the Bible? What Does Scripture Say? - Christianity
You won't find vampires in the Bible, but one farfetched theory claims vampires originated from two verses in the book of Genesis.
Are Vampires Part of Wicca? - Pagan Religions and Vampires
A reader ask why there are no vampires in the books she reads about Wicca. Although vampires are not part of Paganism, there are still some great fictional ...
Vampires - HIV Transmission Among Vampire Cults - Aids/HIV
Surprisingly, the more research I did on the subject of vampires and vampire cults the more concerned I became. While I still believe that scene was an ...
Psychic Vampires - About Holistic Healing
These so-called "vampires" are not to be confused with the blood-sucking vampires of folklore and movieland. Every person has unknowingly drained someone ...
How to Stop Psychic Vampires From Draining Your Energy
The name psychic vampires immediately reveal our attitude toward people who take energy. Not as obvious, it also reveals our attitudes toward the people from ...
Psychic Vampires - Energy Vampires - Emotional Vampires
Ever wonder why you feel drained after you talk to that certain someone? Let's talk a little bit about energy vampires, or psychic vampires.
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