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Weird Creatures and Monsters - True Stories, Encounters, and ...
What you need to know about all kinds of monsters and weird creatures, including pictures and true stories and encounters.
Cryptids, Monsters and Weird Creatures - Paranormal Phenomena
Readers report their sightings and encounters with cryptids, monsters and other weird creatures.
Six Weird Creatures You Don't Want to Meet - Paranormal Phenomena
Tired of hearing about Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster? Here's a menagerie of lesser-known yet equally strange and elusive creatures from around the ...
Creatures and More - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
New species of animals are being discovered all the time. Is it only a matter of time before the reality is revealed about a variety of weird creatures? Or will they  ...
Your True Tales - Strange Creatures - Paranormal Phenomena
Your True Tales, Strange Creatures - Paranormal stories from readers.
The Top 10 Most Mysterious Creatures of Modern Times
Here are 10 mystifying creatures that science has yet to explain. ... Reincarnation · Lost Worlds and Mysterious Civilizations · Mad Scientists and Weird Science ...
Weird Creature - Enlarged - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
Weird Creature - Enlarged: deep sea creatures weird creature molerat hoax photographs.
Monster Sightings Database - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
Here is where you can document your sightings of Bigfoot, lake monsters, Chupacabras, or any other weird, unexplained creature. Document your sighting  ...
Weird Creature in the Dogwood - Your True Tales - February 2013
This happened about a week ago (January, 2012) when I was just relaxing in my house and watching some TV. We have double sliding doors with windows ...
Hell, Michigan - Stories of Creepy Creatures Near Hell
After five minutes of yelling, we walked back over to the Jeep. This is when things got really weird. The moment I turned on my flashlight I could see a pale, thin, ...
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