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Amazing Coincidence on the Interstate



In August, 1971 I was driving down the recently opened Interstate 5 in California. I was returning from Los Angeles and was heading back home to Coalinga. It was 9:00 o'clock in the morning and I had just passed the small town of Neversfield.

In front of me was a long stretch of highway, and being a new highway there was hardly any traffic. So while listening to a rock station on the radio I settled in for a nice cruise. The weather was pleasant, not too hot and I was driving the first car I ever purchased: a brand new 1971 red Volkswagen right off the lot. I was wearing a Dodgers baseball cap that I bought at an L.A. gas station and a black striped shirt my cousin gave to me.

After a while I saw a car coming in the opposite direction. As it got closer, I saw it was another Volkswagen -- another red Volkswagen. It had the same bumper and body style as mine. It even looked like the same year as mine.

Wow! What a coincidence! The only two cars around for miles and they are exactly the same! Well, there was nothing else to do but to wave to each other as we passed and acknowledge this moment.

As we approached, I stuck out my arm and started to wave and the other driver did the same. We were almost upon each other when I looked at the driver and was surprised! He was wearing a Dodgers baseball cap and a black striped shirt!

As we passed I took a glance over at the driver and -- I swear to God -- he looked like me! I kid you not! I looked in my rear-view mirror at the car after we passed each other and the driver was still waving.

I was in a state of shock when I pulled over. Quickly I got out and looked down the road hoping the other car would do the same, but it just kept going. And the driver was still waving. That was spooky.

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