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Doppelganger Wreaks Havoc



This is a weird story that is well known in my parent's neighborhood. This happened during the summer of '94. When I was still living with my parents, our neighbors that lived across from us had an only child, Mark, who came down with some sort of illness that summer. It was a type of virus that attacked his lungs and he was bedridden for the entire summer.

One sunny day, the father, whose name is John, was outside on his ladder, cleaning out the gutters. He felt a nudge on his ladder and looked down. To his amazement, Mark was standing down there, squinting up at his dad and still in his bedclothes.

"Mark!" called John, "get back inside, you shouldn't be out here!" But Mark just smiled and started shaking the ladder with all his might. "stop it!" John screamed, "What are you doing?!" But it happened: John fell two stories down onto the ground, breaking both his legs, his right arm and receiving a bad concussion.

I remember the ordeal. It was such a huge disaster. The entire neighborhood came together to help the family. When John was able, he confronted his son. Mark just stared at his father in disbelief and insisted he was in his bed all day! Even Molly, John's wife, confirmed that Mark had been in bed all day, for she was in the room for most of the day, tending to Mark's needs. He had not moved.

As horrible as John's accusation was, many believed he only imagined his son knocking him from the ladder - perhaps caused by the concussion. Nobody believed that Mark would've been well enough to climb from his bed and go outside, much less do a terrible, unprovoked act as causing his father to fall to his near doom.

So the mystery lives on. What really happened that day? I believe it's the biggest doppelgänger story I've ever heard and witnessed. And the thought of what John might've seen when he looked down and saw his only child, smiling happily (or evilly) up at him, gives me the chills!

(Sidenote: John was the principal of our high school at the time of this incident and after his tremendous fall, his life seemed to spiral out of control. First, he lost his job because of having to take so much time off to heal. Then, once Mark got better and turned 18, he moved away and never visits. Then John and Molly got a divorce, yet still live in the same house, but supposedly Molly went insane. My mother said she saw her once and Molly looked no better than a skeleton and was muttering something about God and the devil dueling in her basement. The poor family has become so reclusive after this one bizarre incident. It's so very sad.)

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