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The Orphan's Ghost


spooky orphanage
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A case worker on the midnight shift of a detention center, once an orphanage, learns the dark secret of the building's tragic past -- and why a mischievous orphan's ghost still lingers

Buildings that have been the sites of great misery, anguish, trauma and sadness are often haunted by the spirits of people who suffered there. Unfortunately, to humanity's profound disgrace, in the 19th century orphanages were sometimes these kinds of horrible places, and the ghosts of children have been found to linger in surviving buildings. Mickey C. was a social worker in one of these former orphanages, where he encountered the spirit of a small boy. This is Mickey's story....

When I was 27 in 1981, I took a job in North Chelmsford, Massachusetts as a case manager in a maximum security juvenile detention center. The buildings on the grounds were built circa late 1800s as a state-run orphanage. The main building was used as administrative offices, chapel and class rooms. The buildings were abandoned in the late 1960s, then purchased in the late 1970s by the Robert F. Kennedy Action Corps, which renovated the main building as a detention center that housed teen offenders deemed too violent to be in conventional correctional institutions.

It was a large building, and all the windows were covered by heavy steel mesh screens to prevent cutting or prying. Every room was securely locked and needed a key. The rec room comprised half the second floor and had a vaulted ceiling with twelve windowed eves. Originally, it was the orphanage's chapel.


When I was hired, I was assigned as one of three night case managers or, basically, caretakers. One of our responsibilities was to vacuum the rec room. This was fine at first, but then I started getting an uncomfortable feeling while up there. I always had the sense that someone was watching me. I even could tell where this "person" was - in one of the window eves. When I would turn to look, it seemed that I just glimpsed someone ducking into the eve before I could see him clearly. I don't know why, but I sensed that it was a boy and that he was "playing" with me.

Then strange things began to happen. I would be vacuuming and the vacuum would just stop. Defective vacuum, right? It only did this in the rec room. I had to do hourly security checks, and as I was walking down the hall I could hear someone walking behind me, taking steps when I did and stopping when I did. I could sense sadness, but also the mischievousness of a kid.

I finally expressed these creepy feelings at one of the weekly staff meetings. Later, my supervisor took me aside and told me that when renovations were taking place, many weird things were reported. Lights would go out then come back on. The electronically locked cell doors would spring open. Footsteps without people were heard. They were all dismissed because it was an old building going through renovations.


My supervisor said she suspected something supernatural and did some research on the orphanage. She found that it was a terrible place where the kids were abused, mistreated and housed just for state funds. The kids were numbers, not names.

She also found out about a death there. A nine-year-old boy supposedly hung himself in the chapel - now the rec room where I had my strange experiences. My super asked me to show her where I felt this "person" I spoke of. I took her to one of the eves and told her that this is where I sensed the boy's presence. She said that this was the window where the boy supposedly hung himself.

After this, I wasn't fearful anymore. I started talking to him when I was up there. It actually seemed to get comfortable when I was there. My super warned, however, that she feared many spirits were in the building and that it was a bad choice for the Corps to house a detention center.

She was right.

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