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Phantom Monkey Creature



I need to write what's been going on in my home because I can't share it with anyone for fear of no one's belief or, worse yet, that they may think I'm a bit loony. My husband is the biggest skeptic in the world when it comes to anything paranormal, and my one-and-a-half year old is too young and needn't be frightened.

We live in a two-story home in a nice suburban area called Deltona, Florida (about 25 minutes south of Daytona). Growing up, we kids nicknamed the area "Dulltona" because we thought it was the most boring place to live in the world, but I think all kids feel that way about their hometowns. And it certainly hasn't been boring of late.

I suffer from insomnia and often find myself alone downstairs on the couch watching TV at ungodly hours of the night. For some reason, our home has been plagued with odd footstep-sounding noises moving throughout the home. This has been happening for several years, but has suddenly increased in the last few months. I think my husband hears them, too, but he never lets on that he does.

About two weeks ago, I was wide awake at around 1 a.m., as usual, and crept quietly downstairs. I didn't bother turning on the lights as I began my descent, and to my shock I realized there was something crouched on the stairs. I couldn't make out any features in the dark, but the shape of it seemed small and rodent-like. A silly thought flashed through my mind of one of those Furby toys that came out a few years ago.

I tried to step around it, but lost my footing and fell the rest of the way down! I sat in a heap at the landing and angrily looked up the stairwell at whatever obstruction this thing was only to realize with horror that there was nothing there! I contemplated my vision a moment while also waiting to see if I woke anyone up.

A few minutes later, when I realized nobody was going to come to my rescue, I got up and walked toward the kitchen in a daze. Feeling the wall for the light switch once I reached the kitchen, nothing could have prepared me for the next horror I was about to witness.

After flicking on the light and squinting in the bright light, I stood rooted to the spot in absolute terror at what was perched on the edge of the sink: a strange spider-monkey-like creature sat staring back at me! Then it opened its mouth to... yawn? Scream? I even had the strange notion it was going to speak, but absolutely no sound came out whatsoever. Then without warning, it vanished!

I ended up being the one to scream at which my husband finally rushed down to my aid. I stupidly told him what I saw and he insisted it was just a nightmare or a hallucination caused by my insomnia. But I know what I saw! I wasn't hallucinating and I most certainly wasn't dreaming!

And now I'm too scared to be alone in that house. I want to move. And I most definitely don't want my daughter there either!

Last night as my husband was taking a shower and I was downstairs cradling my baby in my arms as she slept, the phantom footsteps started up. They came up behind the couch I was on and then suddenly made a loud noise on the floor directly in front of me! As if a person jumped clear over the couch and landed on their feet on the floor! Yet I saw nobody, but this "thing" had to have been standing right in front of me!

That was the last straw! I grabbed my daughter and some things and have been here at my mother's ever since! I hope my hubby comes to his senses and gets us out of there.

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