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Church-Yard Glower



This happened to me on December 28, 2011 as I was walking home with my dad and my sister (who also saw it, but didn't want to have anything to do with the thing).

Chapter 1: Walking back home. I had just gone to my father's work and was now walking back to my home. It was dark, chilly, and spooky. I don't like walking home from my dad's work that much because I live in Lincoln (Lincoln is very haunted!) in England (very haunted as well).

Chapter 2: Dad talks to a friend. While walking, we passed a long, skinny man who strangely said, "Hi!" I was certainly confused at this point because I didn't know this weird man! Then it caught my eye....

Chapter 3: The thing. It was about 5cm long and 7cm wide, so from that information I bet you have guessed that it was pretty small. It was in a small church yard and kept on glowing. At first I thought it was the light illuminating on the pavement, but then it started to scurry around, like a glowing mouse!

Chapter 4: I show my sister. As anyone would, I told the nearest person to me, which was my little sister, Tori. I showed her and she looked freaked out! I was freaked out as well! She then said that she didn't want anything to do with it.

Chapter 5: It vanishes. It was at that slight moment that it wasn't there! It had vanished, disappeared, like a ghost. So that is when I came up with the thought that it was a ghost! I didn't tell my dad because he, like a lot of people, is a skeptic. He isn't the kind of person who believes in all the forms of paranormal phenomena. I wonder, though, if I will see this thing again one day.

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