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Appearing Cat



It was 2011, spring time, April or May, Northern California. I had a few weird things happen to me, like a man's soft voice calling my name at the end of my work shift, the lights out - everyone gone. Also, saw a bright orange globe the size of a baseball up by my kitchen curtains that went away in a flash.

But this one is the strangest. It was a quiet and sunny day, nothing out of the ordinary. I have a cement patio with wood lattice over the top. Diamond-shaped patterns filter down onto the patio, changing shapes as the sun moves across the sky. I have a cat that I rescued from the cat shelter. She is a Siamese mix, a sweet cat. I had her about two years when this strangeness occurred.

Sweetie Pie is her name and she wanted outside, so she sat in front of the slider. I let her out and she bounded out slowly, taking steps onto the patio, in no hurry at all. I noticed all the bright diamond shapes on the patio from the lattice above, stretching patterns, moving slowly with the sun. I closed the slider.

It was lunch time and being hungry I went directly to the freezer, grabbed a frozen burrito, threw it on a paper plate, and put in the microwave for 1 minute. The microwave "dinged." I grabbed my paper plate, turned around, HORRIFIED to see my cat sitting in the middle of the living room.

My mouth hung wide open as I inhaled a big gulp of air, saying out loud, "What are you doing back in here?" Sweetie Pie was sitting calmly staring at me, like nothing happened. I went over and over my steps, and it only was about 90 seconds from the time I let her out to the time I took my burrito out of the microwave.

How did she get back in? I really don't know. I was the only person home.

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