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Ghosts of Children


It's a sad notion to contemplate, but even children's spirits can be caught in the ghost's plane of existence. Here are true stories.

Black Haired Entity

At first she thought it was her sister, but it wasn't.

Boy at the Cemetery

At the cemetery, a small child wants to play with another child she sees... but mother doesn't see him.

Boy in the TV

A little ghost that cries "Mama!"

The Boy Who Wasn't There

This woman saw who she thought was one of her sons leave their field, cross the gravel road, and hide in the neighbor's brush near their fence. It wasn't.

Brown-Eyed Ghost

The ghost of a girl with dark brown eyes, messy golden brown hair, and a floral patterned dress.

The Charred Little Ghost

A girl reports that a "dirty little girl" covered with ashes and smoke whisping from her was watching her do her homework.

The Child Ghost

In Mount Prospect, Illinois, young Paul plays with another little boy who was not "real."

Christmas Eve Spirit

It's Christmas at grandma's house when DeeDee sees the ghost of an 11-year-old boy.

Classroom Ghost

The ghost of a young Victorian girl.

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