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Terrifying TV Ghost Prank video

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Elevator ghost prank
Programa Silvio Santos

Terrifying TV Ghost Prank video

These video clips are from a Brazilian TV show that played a prank on unsuspecting victims, who are sent into an elevator. Soon the elevator has difficulties and the lights go out. In the dark, the "ghost" of a girl appears, scaring the wits out of the victims.


It's all just a prank, of course, and perhaps a really mean one since it really terrifies the people sent into that elevator. The little girl ghost with a doll is straight out of a horror movie and it shows what we've been conditioned to be afraid of.

But doesn't this video also make you ask yourself: How would I have reacted if I were one of the victims? Most of us, I'm sure, would like to think that we would have seen right through the prank and would not have been frightened at all. But I wonder....

And what if it was a real ghost?!

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