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Kinect-ing with Ghosts

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Kinect ghost

Kinect ghost

Darkness Radio

Kinect-ing with Ghosts

Not much information is provided about this video. Not with the YouTube video nor on the Darkness Radio website. The video only says that it was recorded as part of a Darkness Radio event at the Stanley Hotel in November, 2012. Then "Testing using IR [infrared] UV [ultraviolet] camera with a Kinect camera PC version. A small figure appears next to 'Susan' filmed with a cell phone." Meaning the video recording what what seen on the computer screen was shot with a cell phone.

In this set-up, the Kinect, with its motion-sensing capabilities, apparently creates a stick-figure representation of the people it is aimed at. Here we see the stick figure of "Susan" sitting in a chair, but also a smaller, child-sized stick figure sitting in the chair next to her. But there is no visible person sitting in the empty chair. So what is the Kinect picking up?


If this video is what it appears to be and as claimed, then it is very interesting indeed. I say "appears to be" because the lack of information about it leaves many unanswered questions:

  • What was the set-up?
  • What was the software and how does it work?
  • Is it possible that a glitch in the system could produce the "child" stick figure?
  • Is it possible that the software can produce "phony" stick figures (it the same way that digital photo apps can create those ghost pictures we've all seen)?
  • Have others been able to duplicate these kinds of results with a similar set-up?

I'd like Darkness Radio to provide us with the details of this event and this potentially exciting research tool and experiment. I'm sure other paranormal researchers would like to investigate and similarly experiment.

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