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Ogden Poltergeist Video

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Ogden Poltergeist Video
Ghost Investigator's Society

Ogden Poltergeist Video

This video was sent to Ghostpix.com, created by the Ghost Investigator's Society. It appears to be video from a security camera from an undisclosed location said to be somewhere in Ogden, Utah. The date stamp is July 23, 2010 at approximately 4:10 a.m. A white plate seems to fly off the shelf, sail over a counter and land unbroken on the floor about 5 or six feet away. Two men, who are identified as security guards, find the plate and "investigate."


It doesn't look like the plate simply fell off the shelf, nor does it look like the result of an earth tremor. It looks like it was pulled or thrown from the shelf. But was it pulled by something like fishing line (a hoax), or is this an example of poltergeist activity? We can't make a good determination from the information in the video. One curious factor is that the dish does not break. It could be an unbreakable dish and it does land on what could be carpeting. By the same token, if this is a hoax, the hoaxers might have chosen an unbreakable item to re-use until they got the effect right. What do you think?

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