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Shurland Hotel Poltergeist

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The Shurland Hotel poltergeist video

Does it fall or was it knocked?

The Shurland Hotel

Shurland Hotel Poltergeist

What you'll see: The scene was recorded by a closed-circuit TV (CCTV) camera during the staff's morning briefing (around 10:30 a.m.) at the Shurland Hotel in Eastchurch, U.K. A male staff member sits at a table to the right. A dark pint of beer is on the table. Suddenly, it falls to the floor, which seems to surprise everyone. A female staff member begins to clean it up.


According to the description with the video, the staff at the Shurland has had several strange experiences in the hotel, and they were pleased that they finally had evidence in the form of the CCTV footage.

Because of the distance of the camera and the low quality of the video, we don't get a really good details of the event. I think we've all had the experience of a glass moving on a table: liquid either from the beverage itself or from condensation beneath the glass has surface tension on which the glass can slide.

From what we can see, it does look like the glass is very near the edge of the table, so it could have slid off. On the other hand, it doesn't quite look like it just falls off the table; it looks like it was knocked with force.

But again, the video is just not close or clear enough to yield us a better conclusion for poltergeist activity than "maybe." We also have to take into consideration the claims by staff of other paranormal activity at the hotel, including unexplained raps on the walls, the sounds of footsteps across the roof, and the ghost a little girl in the building's top-floor apartment.

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