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Encounters with Angels

True stories of heavenly beings



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~ Jan Paynter
Do angels really exist? Skeptics say they are just fictional characters from Bible stories, but it’s probably safe to say they’ve never had an encounter. People around the world have reported personal encounters or sightings of beings that they believe are angels. They appear and vanish inexplicably, and sometimes provide comfort or assistance with a problem in remarkable ways. Whether you believe or not, the people who tell the true stories below will always be convinced that these extraordinary beings really do exist.

Grandfather's Angels

When I was four, my grandfather passed away. I called him Grandpa Bunny because of a cute little book my mother had given me. He knew he was going to die, so about a month before he had given the whole family presents. The day after his small funeral, I wanted to sleep in my mother's bed. It was something I'd do every so often when I was feeling lonely or scared. Before we fell asleep, we both said a prayer for Grandpa Bunny.

At dawn, I woke up and looked up. In my mother's bedroom, windows lined the top of the wall in front of her bed. Out of the far left window, I saw a group of angels. I remember this very, very distinctly: First came two women angels, and in the middle was my grandfather followed by another two women angels. The room became very bright with white light, and my chest filled with a feeling of complete and utter warmth. I can still remember this feeling to this day. I woke up my mother and told her that Grandpa Bunny had just come into the room with four other angels. My mother was trying to explain to me (being four years old) that Grandpa was dead, but I stuck to my story.

I know that my Grandfather watches over me when I am in bad situations. Being a 16-year-old party girl now, I know he's saved me from some pretty scary situations. – Shae B.

Blue-Eyed Angel Knew Me

It was about 7 p.m. in July, 2001. I had returned home from a walk and was sitting outside the bathroom to cool down before I showered. My husband had just stepped out of the bathroom and was just leaving the bedroom.

As I sat there, I saw the upper half of a man's body seated near the bathroom door, his head looking in the other direction. His skin was fair, translucent, and he was blond. I had an instinct that I was seeing something supernatural, or angels, and I was still focusing on the shoulders to see if there were wings. There were none. When he turned his face toward me and looked at me, his face had perfect proportions; his facial features were not distinctly masculine nor feminine.

I have never seen such eyes in a person, nor such a face before. At that moment, my mind seemed to think of "Austria - kind old man in Austria " I moved my head forward to be able to see the pupils in his radiant, sky-blue eyes. I was looking into his eyes when I saw ripples - like ripples that grew larger when you drop a stone in a pool of water - originating from his forehead coming in my direction toward my face.

At that moment, I heard a deep and kind male voice (the man did not move his lips) saying, "I know everything about you." I felt amused and I managed a smile as I am a natural skeptic, thinking, "Now, NOBODY knows EVERTHING about me." At that moment, the man disappeared - just like that. – Mildfed

Nana's Guardian Angel

One time my mom, my sister and I got a phone call from my nana saying that her car had run out of gas on the highway so we should call AAA. So we did, and when we were coming to pick her up, right next to the AAA guy talking to my nana was a man in a white robe with a blinding white aura around him. Not thinking anyone else saw this, I kept the sighting to myself. Then when my nana was in the car, my mom asked her, "Who was that man next to the AAA guy?" I turned sheet-white. My mom had seen it. My nana replied "What guy?" My nana had no idea what she was talking about. (We are SURE it was NOT the guy from AAA standing in front of the car lights.) We still think that it was my nana's guardian angel. – Ghost

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