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Deathbed Angels



I'm a nurse, and primarily work private duty, which means I get hired by families through a nurses registry to care for their family member or loved one. I care for patients 95 percent of the time in their homes. Many cases are hospice cases, and I go in knowing that my job is to keep my patient comfortable and their family at ease, knowing everything is okay.

I was on a case in June in Redding, Connecticut. I was caring for a man who was 91 and dying. I was lucky enough to spend a day with him before he started his path to heaven. His path was hard, for him and his family. When people are "comfort measures only," they usually have stopped eating and drinking, and receive only meds like morphine and Ativan to keep them comfortable. Around the 8th day of my patients transition, I was mentally and physically beat. I work the 12-hour overnight shift, and spent plenty of time alone with my patient, counting his respirations, waiting for his last breath, letting him know it was okay to let go.

Around 10:30 p.m., the family was all asleep, my patient in his hospital bed, his wife in hers, and me at his side. There was a mirror on the wall across from the bed, and I saw what seemed to be an image, a face. I looked harder since the room was dark, with only a faint light coming from the bathroom. The image became more and more clear. I looked behind me, around me, and nothing was there that could be reflecting the image in the mirror. Then, what I can only describe as a smoke, or mist, began to flow from the mirror.

At this point I'm frozen, unable to take my eyes away. within this mist, I start to see what I can only describe as pockets of energy, some just round, others actually taking shapes of people. As these entered the room, they scattered throughout the home, and tiny little flashes of white and gold light flickered when these energies came close to each other.

I was so confused and convinced my mind was playing tricks that I walked out onto the patio to get some air. Once outside, I slowly took some deep breaths and tried to shake it off, telling myself I was dreaming. As I turned around, I saw the flickering of lights still going strong in the house. This went on all night, until the family started to wake. I was so nervous to say anything, especially to the nurse coming to relieve me. We had worked together many times before, and I was sure she would think I had gone crazy if I told her what I saw.

I finally decided I would tell her, and told her of my story soon after she arrived. Her eyes filled up with tears, and she told me of a prayer she had prayed all day for our patient. At the end of each prayer she would add, "...please send the angels" for him. "They answered my prayer!" she rejoiced! I gently grabbed her arms, and cried, "Why didn't you warn me?"

It was then that I realized I had seen angels that night. My life has been truly blessed by this experience, and since then have seen angels with two more patients. I was always skeptical when I heard other nurses tell of similar things that experienced. I know now wholeheartedly that it was real. I will never doubt again. If I never see angels again, I will never forget when I did.

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