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Gargoyles, Old Hag, and God's Protection



Stumbling upon this site has reassured me that I am not in fact crazy, but as I have always assumed, we all are.

My story takes place over a five-year period in different homes where I have lived in northern Kentucky. It all began with a nightmare. In my dream, for the first time ever, I was looking down upon my sleeping body. Everything was the same in my dream as it was in "real life" -- aside from the gargoyles.

My mom had these statues all over her house to protect us from evil. I saw them running around the room, jumping in and out the window, and jumping on the couch to quickly whisper words in my ear in some unfamiliar language.

I woke from the dream disturbed, unable to brush it off. Being friends with a Wiccan had exposed me to some very scary things, but this dream put an uneasiness in my soul like no other experience ever had.

Soon after I began experiencing the "old hag syndrome," but the entity that paralyzed me never touched me. He simply hovered over me with pure evil pouring out of him. I never knew a hatred that intense was possible. Don't ask me why I know it's a male, I never was able to see him, but I believe I learned enough by feeling him.

These were not nightmares. He made sure I was awake to endure the attacks, and I was able to think clearly and concentrate on a certain body part and use all of my will to move and break the attack. Unfortunately, I didn't know of God's love or the power of speaking the name of Jesus at the time, so this continued for years.

Life went on and the attacks kept coming. Waves of pure malice being poured over me by an entity that had complete power over my body. But then one night, it all ended the same way it began: with a dream.

Once again, I was looking down on my sleeping body. But this time there was a woman beside my bed. Clothed in white, her image from above was not very clear, but I felt the love radiating from her. She raised her hands and my sleeping body raised from the bed.

That was it, all I remember at least. The attacks ended. I believe God allowed me to see my guardian angel in action, to open my heart to the fact that he is up there watching over his children, even an unsaved girl who never gave him a second thought.

I never expected this to simply be preparation for the battle to come. I stronlgy warn any involved with the occult or contacting the dead in any way: you're opening the door to the demonic to wreak havoc on your life! There is a very real battle for each and every soul on Earth, if we could only see what happens behind the scenes, we would stop making it so easy for the devil to get access into our lives and allow God to deliver us from evil! Every scary story on This site could be dramatically changed if we knew the authority we have on earth and the power of Jesus' name!

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