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Saved from Crushing by a Guardian Spirit



My earliest memory of what I like to think of as my Guardian Spirit is from the summer of 1983, I believe. I was around 10 years old and was spending the summer months with my sister and father in Fayette, Maine. My dad had a lodge with cottages on Echo Lake, and we spent our summers there for several years.

This particular year, we went on a community picnic with the previous owner of the lodge, and it was held on some church grounds. There was a graveyard behind the church on a sloping hill that ended in some woods.

My sister and I got bored at the picnic (there were a lot of elderly people there, from what I remember, and not many kids, if any at all), so we wandered off into the graveyard. That was also something we did as kids. We would go with our dad to graveyards and have contests to see who could find the oldest grave, youngest/oldest death, etc. We weren't trying to be disrespectful, just having some innocent fun.

My sister and I were wandering the graveyard (on a sloping hill, remember), and as I was standing in front of one gravestone reading it (I was on the downhill side of it) my sister passed on the other side of the gravestone and bumped or leaned against it. Unknown to me, she had dislodged the gravestone and it was headed right for me!

The gravestone was larger than I and would have crushed me for sure, with the weight of those things -- but someone or something pulled me out of the way! One minute I was standing there reading, and the next I was being whisked through the air to my right, and the gravestone came crashing down to the ground! The stone hitting the ground made such a loud "boom" that adults came streaming down the hill to find out what had happened.

Needless to say, our father was angry that we had gone down the hill alone, and with my sister for being so reckless. But it had just been my sister and I down there when this happened, and nobody else! Nobody could explain how I got out of the way when I didn't even know what was happening!

I have felt my Guardian's presence and influence at other times in my life as well, but this was the first and strongest experience by far.

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