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The Silent Guardian



This is the story of how my grandmother's house his haunted by a man. Ever since I can remember there has been a man, dressed in what looks to be in the 1930s. My grandmother's house is located at El Paso, Texas.

Not many have seen this man, but those that do always describe him the same way. He is a white male around six feet tall, wearing a black cowboy hat, and a white long-sleeve shirt. His face is pale with blue eyes.

He appears in many hours of the day. I have seen him in the middle of the day, as well as one in the morning. He appears for a brief moment, then disappears and doesn't interact. He's not a bad spirit, but still scares you for the fact that he's dead.

The thing is, he's been here for a long time, and even though he's dead, we sort of see him as a silent guardian. He's never been spotted inside the house and has not brought misery upon anyone. On a certain level, I feel bad that his soul hasn't found peace, and that's why I have contacted my church. My priest will conduct a blessing in hopes of him finding peace.

I will update this story once I get my priest to do the blessing. Some of these situations don't resolve so fast and some become a bit violent. Since he's been here since I can remember, I think he will understand that I'm just trying to help him.

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