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Angel Encounters - True Stories


Angel's Message

An angel informs Shaun that his mother is ill in Spain and needs medicine.

Angel's Surgery Advice

An angel's advice may have saved Omar from tragedy in the operating room.

Angelic Tire Service

A woman's lost faith is revived by a mysterious stranger who helps in a time of need.

Angels in My Room

A woman coming out of a coma see angels in her room.

Arms of an Angel

Another car accident, and Gary is comforted by a myterious being.

Baby's Guardian Angel

Sharon's baby is mysteriously saved from a terrible accident on an escalator.

Beautiful, Strange UFO... or Angel

Lewis says what it was, it was the most beautiful thing he ever saw.

The Begger Angel

Do angels sometimes take the form of beggers and the homeless? Gary thinks so.

Black-Eyed Man vs. Angel

Is there a battle going on we don't know about?

Christmas Tree Angel

A family without a Christmas tree gets a Christmas Eve miracle.

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