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Encounters with Angels


Do angels really exist? Skeptics say they are just fictional characters from Bible stories, but people around the world have reported personal encounters or sightings of beings that they believe are angels. Whether you believe or not, the people who tell these true stories will always be convinced that these extraordinary beings really do exist.

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Do angels exist? The authors of these stories would tell you with utmost certainty that they do, because they have had personal, often astonishing experiences with them.

2. Encounters with Angels - 2

Are there interdimensional beings watching over us? These incredible but true stories might convince you - or at least cause you to wonder - that angels sometimes lend a heavenly hand to mortals in times of need.

3. Encounters with Angels - 3

Remarkable stories from people who have been saved from harm - and perhaps even death - by unexplained forces, voices and circumstances that they say can only be attributed to their guardian angels.

4. Encounters with Angels - 4

Whether you believe or not, the people who tell these true stories will always be convinced that these extraordinary beings really do exist.

5. Encounters with Angels - 5

Do angels exist? Are there supernatural spirit beings that watch over us? Many believe that angels are not only around us at all times, but that in certain instances they can even intervene in our lives. Here are some amazing true stories.

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Are angels just characters in Bible stories? There are many people who believe angelic beings have come to their aid. Who are these mysterious beings? They seem to come out of nowhere just when they are needed, then vanish quickly without a trace. Skeptics say, of course, that they are just helpful but ordinary people. Yet the reports are surprisingly consistent and often difficult to explain. Whether you believe they are angels or not, here are some fascinating reports of these mysterious benefactors.

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Whether you believe in angels or not, the many reports of sightings and encounters with mysterious beings that seem to appear abruptly, then vanish without a trace are among the most curious in the annals of the paranormal. Consider these stories.

8. Encounters with Angels - 8

People who believe they have had encounters with angels usually cannot be convinced otherwise. Their experiences affect them in such a profound way that other explanations seem to them trivial, insufficient, and certainly not as spiritually satisfying. Whether you are a believer or not, you will find these true stories fascinating, including some in which lives were saved.

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As you'll see in these stories, the presence of angels can be a powerful feeling or, perhaps, can even appear as kind and helpful human beings.

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