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Articles, devices, projects and theories about anti-gravity, the most basic of physical laws.

The Ancient Secrets of Levitation
Great stone structures and megaliths around the world stand as mysteries to how they were constructed. Is it possible their builders possessed the powers of defying gravity?

On the Verge of Antigravity
Experimenters like Tim Ventura are testing an astonishing and mysterious technology that makes triangular vehicles float in the air - and could, one day, revolutionize flight.

Anti-Gravity Articles and References
This one may be for techno-geeks only, but it lists some of the best and most recent research done by real scientists on defeating the pull of gravity.

Anti-Gravity Device Gives Science a Lift
Details and drawings about what may be the world's first true anti-gravity device, developed by scientists in Finland in 1996. Was it all a mistake?

Anti-Gravity Machines, Devices, Propulsion and Research
Here you will find information on anti-gravity inventions, machines, perpetual motion inventions, and much more related to anti-gravity technology.

Don Kelly's Free Energy, Anti-Gravity...
... and Falling Magnetic Motors. Through good ol' backyard mechanics, Don - a "perpetual motion specialist" - explains these machines.

Free Energy, Gravity and the Aether
Something about how the aether can create gravity effects, etc. You figure it out... I can't.

NASA's Antigravity Machine
NASA-funded research of a Russian scientist's experiments with creating anti-gravity fields, reprinted from Popular Mechanics magazine.

Quest for Gravity Control
Created to seek serious researchers working on gravity control and willing to demonstrate their devices before cameras for verification, and to gather together individuals to help produce The Quest for Gravity Control, the movie.

Searl Effect
Prof. John Searl, this site says, is the only man to have built and flown an anti-gravity device, called a Levity Disc. Details here.

Tibetan Sound Levitation Of Large Stones Witnessed By Scientist
A Swedish doctor claims to be witness to the movement of enormous stones through the use of sound via musical instruments in Tibet. Supposedly film was taken, but it has disappeared.

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