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Automatic Writing

Also called spirit writing, automatic writing involves beings from other planes of existence writing through humans. Here are some examples – and how you can do it.

Automatic Writing Experiment
Readers are asked to experiment with automatic writing and then post their results here.

How to Practice Automatic Writing
Automatic writing is an old form of divination in which messages seem to come out of nowhere through your hand and onto paper. Here's how you can try it.

Angelic Revelations
This site claims to be "the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, as received through automatic writing by James Padgett." Lots of material.

Automatic Writing
Here are more instructions on getting automatic writing to work for you. Hey, it can't hurt to try!

Automatic Writing: Communication from the Spirits?
Since the early days of Spiritualism, automatic writing has been accepted as a way for trance mediums, and sometimes ordinary people, to receive communications from the spirit world. Here is a good overview.

Healing from Within: Automatic Writing
An exercise for a simple way to develop intuition, access inner guidance and unblock creativity.

How I Started Doing Automatic Writing
The author recounts how she began the practice after the death of her mother - and the interesting results.

Patience Worth
Using a Ouija board, Pearl Curran, a St. Louis housewife, channeled a 17th-century spirit to the heights of 20th-century literary stardom.

Automatic Writing Puzzle
Automatic Writing Puzzle - Your True Tales - March 2012

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