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Bermuda Triangle or Devil's Triangle

Information on the Bermuda Triangle, or Devil's Triangle, and similar areas around the world and the mysterious occurrences in myth and fact.

Top Theories for the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle
Whether or not phenomena of a paranormal nature are taking place there has been a matter of debate. Those who are convinced something odd is happening, as well as researchers who take a scientific view, have offered a number of explanations for the mystery.

The ARE's Search For Atlantis
In three parts: Part One focuses on the Bermuda Triangle; Part Two on the discoveries at Bimini; Part Three (to come) on the Great Bahama Bank.

The Bennington Triangle
Ten people mysteriously vanished in the haunted wilderness of Glastenbury Mountain, Vermont, famous for sightings of strange lights, ghostly figures and monsters.

A Brief History of the Devil's Triangle
This is a brief history indeed, concentrating mostly on the most famous BT case: Flight 19 in 1945.

Bermuda Triangle
Skeptics would argue there is no mystery as traffic is so dense that disasters are inevitable. But a whole industry of the fantastic has been built up to explain such disappearances.

"A journey into mysteries of the sea," providing up-to-date, in-depth research on the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.

Bermuda Triangle/Devil's Triangle
Recounts six of the most famous BT stories, then gives the real facts about them.

Bermuda Triangle Fact Sheet
Interested in the facts about BT? Here they are, straight from the U.S. Naval Historical Center. Don't expect to be mystified here.

Charles Berlitz and the Bermuda Triangle
Berlitz is to be credited with internationally popularizing the phenomena known today as "The Bermuda Triangle," due in large part to a book he wrote thirty years ago.

The Lake Michigan Triangle
Is there a time anomaly on Lake Michigan? A sailor relates a bizarre tale of missing time and a group of very confused sailors on this Great Lake.

The Sea Devils' Triangle
Is The Bermuda Triangle a good place for an "alien" base? There could be a link among the magnetic interference, UFO sightings and the mysterious disappearances in the triangle.

The Un-Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle
Recounts the various mysteries and disappearances in the area, but says there's more hype than real mystery.

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