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Is Bigfoot Smarter Than We Are?

There may be a very good reason why Bigfoot has not been captured


EVERY YEAR brings hundreds of new sightings of Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, in North America. Most come in the spring and summer months when more people are apt to be venturing into the wilderness to camp, fish and hike.

The sightings have occurred for hundreds of years – by the European settlers who explored Sasquatch territory, and before that by the Native Americans who seemed to be familiar with this giant of the forest.

The sightings have been reported by casual campers and experienced outdoorspeople alike. Many have gotten a good look at this amazing creature. Their descriptions are remarkably consistent, from the details of its height and hair color to its nauseating stench. The eyewitness accounts are so numerous and compelling that any fair-thinking person must entertain the idea that there really is a large, hairy biped out there.

Amazingly evasive

So why haven't we captured one? Why isn't there better photographic evidence? Why have we not found any dead bodies?

The best physical evidence we have to date are large footprints that clearly show dermal ridges (fingerprint-like markings on the feet) and a few hair samples that at best have proved interesting but inconclusive. What little photographic and cinematic pictures we have are mired in controversy and accusations of hoaxes. While fascinating and worthy of our analysis, they are not conclusive. Sound recordings of what some say are its distant howling are haunting, but do not constitute proof.

With more and more people each year enjoying the wilderness and actively searching for Sasquatch, how is it that it remains so evasive? Is Bigfoot smarter than we are?

Surely, with all of the technology we have at our disposal – products of our intellectual superiority over the rest of the animal kingdom – we should be able to capture or at least photograph clearly one of these creatures. Why hasn't it happened?

We have night-vision equipment and motion-triggered cameras. Bigfoot traps have even been constructed, going back as far as 1974. Many other types of wild animals have been spotted with night vision and photographed with motion-triggered gadgets. Such animals – even the wiliest in the forest – have been trapped and captured alive. And, of course, man routinely hunts and kills them.

But not Sasquatch.

How intelligent is it?

Sasquatch evades our best attempts with our most clever technology.

How? There are two reasons I can think of:

  1. Bigfoot is not really out there after all.
  2. It's too smart.

If, for the sake of argument, we agree that Bigfoot does exist (all those good eyewitness accounts are hard to dismiss), must we conclude that the creature is outsmarting us? How can this be? Is the Bigfoot smarter than every other wild animal of the forest – from deer to bear to fox and even more exotic creatures, all of which have been outwitted by our technology?

Could a human being even evade such technology?

Put a person of above-average intelligence in the middle of a forest for 24 hours where there has been set up man-size traps and camouflaged motion-triggered cameras. How well do you think he’d do? Assuming he's moving around looking for something to eat or drink, he would probably do well at avoiding the traps if he was very cautious. But he would almost certainly be photographed by hidden motion-triggered cameras, especially when it began to get dark. (This might actually be an interesting experiment!)

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