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Bigfoot or Alien



I've always known that Bigfoot was a real creature, and yet I couldn't tell you how or why I knew until my memory of living in a cabin in the deep woods of Kentucky suddenly came into my consciousness one day when I was a teenager.

It was 1972 and I was five years old. I was sleeping on the couch and my youngest brother was on the floor right in front of me. We were both awakened by the creaking of the porch boards right outside the living room window that was across and to our left. We both saw the shadow of a very tall, upright human-shaped shadow through the window that slowly walked to the front door that was half glass and turned the knob. We were both crying hysterically, and yet no one could hear us because no sound was coming out of our mouths. As the 8-foot-tall creature turned the doorknob, we blacked out.

This memory did not come back to me until my late teen years, but I had always known of the validity of Bigfoot and really didn't question why I had no doubts in my mind. Then, while living in Salisbury, North Carolina in 1998, I watched a late night program on TV that talked of abduction by aliens, and I vividly remember saying to myself that I was so glad I had never been abducted. I was adamant about my own belief that I had never been abducted.

I went to sleep and at 3:30 a.m. or so bolted upright in my bed, looked across at the 8-foot-tall humanoid figure at the foot of my bed and asked him, "Why are you so angry with me?" and dropped back down into my bed and blacked out. I woke up the next morning remembering everything about the previous night and saying to myself, "Well, now I know why I have such horrible dreams of creatures in my room." I also understood that my familiarity with the tall being was because I had visits from him before.

I slowly began to piece together that he was the supposed Bigfoot I had seen on the front porch in Kentucky. This very tall humanoid had mottled brown skin that was very tight across his muscular frame. He had very small eyes and a round bald head. His shoulders were very broad and there wasn't an ounce of fat on him -- he looked like a body-builder. He gave off very angry vibes and had a disgusted look on his face.

I had believed that what I saw in the Kentucky backwoods was Bigfoot, but it was, in reality, the tall alien that had been visiting me my entire life. I know now that I have been contacted by aliens since I was in my mother's womb. While we lived in Florida, when she was pregnant with me, she woke up one night very ill and came back from the bathroom to see a small teddy bear-like creature on the bedpost, swinging his legs. She blacked out then and has no other memory from that night. However, after I was born, she recounted to me that very bright lights and a whooshing sound could be seen and heard in my bedroom at various times. Also, in Florida at that time, large cigar shaped UFOs were seen in the skies over Orlando and Jacksonville.

I've concluded from study of my mother's background and her mother's background that in my family, it is a generational thing and apparently it's also a female thing. My other siblings may have had contact and maybe still do, but to the best of my awareness, none of my brothers or father have had the consistent contact I have had. Also, none of them have the psychic abilities I have.

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