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Hoosier Sasquatch Sighting



At about 5 p.m. on Monday, the 8th of October, 2010, I took my girlfriend to this fire tower that overlooks the rolling hills of Hoosier National Forest. It was about a 15-minute drive down a gravel rode and you pull into this little parking lot with a extremely tall metal fire tower.

Once we got there, we climbed, and after urging my hesitant girlfriend to the top, we eventually got there. It was beautiful; the sun was going down and it was warm. We took a few pictures and as we were doing this we heard some of the fall leaves being stepped on.

We were curious to see who or what it was because it sounded just a little ways in the woods next to us. In the parking lot, there was only one other car and we thought maybe it's just some other people hiking or getting ready to go up the fire tower.

For about another 5 minutes, we kept hearing distinct crunching of leaves, like someone walking through the woods; the only weird thing was you can see a lot that high up and we could not see what was making the noise. We started to get a little sketched out as we were in the middle of the woods alone in rural southern Indiana.

So we started to descend from the top of the tower and as we were walking down, we could still hear leaves crunching as if someone would take two steps and stop. About a quarter way down, we had a better view under the treeline and we both stopped and listened.

We looked toward where we hearing the noise and stayed very still and silent. As we did this, between two trees about 25 yards into the woods, I saw a brown mass move from what looked like behind one tree to another. I whispered to my girlfriend what I had seen.

At this time, I was not scared -- only overwhelmed with curiosity. We kept looking into the woods, as I had not taken my eye off that area I had seen that brown mass move.

In order to get a better view lower to the tree line, we descended a few more flights of steps. While we were doing this, we once again heard the two-step mashing of the leaves.

Anxious to get a better view, we hurried down the steep steps, again I tried to identify where I had seen that mass. Sitting in silence, I saw again movement in the forest -- like something almost rocking back in forth or moving to try to hide itself. The clearest look I got was, once again, just a brown mass, but it couldn't have been a deer because a deer could not hide itself behind a tree let alone move in the manner of this thing.

After I stopped seeing movement in the trees, my girlfriend, desperate to get a look, tried to look where I was pointing and she also saw the movement. We then heard the two-step mashing of the leaves a bit away from where we were looking.

It was as if something else was trying to distract us. We quickly looked back to the area we had seen the creature. My girlfriend then got the clearest view, between the two of us. While hearing that leaf mashing, she saw a brown figure move behind a tree. She then, in panic, asked me if we could leave now and darted down the rest of the stairs to my car.

We drove by the area on the gravel road back, but couldn't see much as it was on a bluff. I don’t know what I saw, but I know I saw something I have never seen before. When talking to my girlfriend on the ride back, we both distinctly said at almost the same time it didn’t sound like it was on four legs, but two, bipedal.

The only bipedal creature I have heard have that lurks in these woods goes by the name of Sasquatch. In hearing other eyewitness accounts, people always say that when you're out in the woods and you happen to see the infamous creature, they say you hear him before you see him which was more then 100 percent the case with my encounter in Hoosier National Forest.

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