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The Creature Over the Fence



This took place in mind-July, 2012 in Louisiana. I live in an older subdivision near a military installation. There are no woods or wild areas nearby, only a drainage creek behind the backyard. There are very steep, overgrown slopes leading down into it. The weeds have grown up on the back fence, making it hard to see past the fence unless you approach it and actually look over the foliage. But it is a very small bit of wild area, not big enough to house any sort of creature.

A few months after moving into this house, my roommate and I began hearing some sort of creature growling outside in the late evening. We laughed about it, assuming it was a cat or dog. We dubbed it "the creature" or "the beast."

About a week ago, however, the weather turned wet and it rained for about three days straight, turning our yard into a swamp. The water stood about six inches high in some parts.

Late one night, my dog had to go outside. She's a big dog with a good nose and a loud bark, so I accompanied her outside to be sure she didn't start making a lot of noise in the middle of the night.

Standing on the back porch in the wet, I watched her sniffing around the side fence when suddenly her head went up and she shot for the back fence barking hysterically and jumping up on the chain link. I called for her and eventually slogged through the yard to drag her in. I thought she was after a cat or something.

As I reached for her, I looked up and saw the fence move a little and heard something large on the other side in the underbrush. With wide eyes I watched something press against the five foot high, chain link fence. Grey fur was visible coming through the fence about six inches from the top. Panicking, I grabbed the frantic dog and dragged her into the house.

The next day I went outside and found our tub of dog food, which easily weighs 50 pounds, pulled out of the car port and laying open on its side in the yard.

I have no idea what was on the other side of the fence or what moved the dog food, but we don't joke much about the creature anymore as it seems there really is one.

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