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Bigfoot Howls Compilation

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Bigfoot face

Are these recordings of actual Bigfoot howls?

Bigfoot Howls Compilation

This is a fairly comprehensive compilation of recordings of possible Bigfoot, or Sasquatch cries and howls.

This is a very good compilation of recordings that campers and Bigfoot hunters have made, possibly of Bigfoot cries, howls, and knocks.

Of course, without seeing the creature actually making these noises, we cannot definitively say they are from Bigfoot. They could be dogs, wolves, coyotes, birds, or other known wildlife -- some could even be humans.

They are all different, yet what they all have is common is that they are all eerie.

Are any of them the cries of Bigfoot? There may be no way of ever finding out until the Sasquatch is actually caught in the act.

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